Just Because 1: Why I started a blog.

It seems appropriate somehow that my very first blog post should be about why I have started to go down this road in the first place.

Bear with me as I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing or starting here, but here goes nothing.

Blogs it turns out are extremely popular, much more popular and widespread than I originally thought, but it wasn’t until last night when I started this one that I was able to fully realise the extent of this phenomenon. And like everyone else before me, each and every one of those blogs began with a purpose in mind, whether it was to help others, just to see what it was like, perhaps as a way of making money, or just plain old wanting to somewhere to share ideas and thoughts with the rest of the world. Those are just a few examples, and while I have certainly missed a few, I at least know the reasons I started this, and writing this may just be my way of setting that in stone, creating a rock of sorts to ground me as I venture forth into the great unknown land called the ‘blogosphere’.

So here it is, why am I doing this to myself?

1) For fun

This is a big one, hence why I’m starting off with it. I mean why would I give this a shot if I didn’t think it was going to be fun, no one ever tries a new restaurant thinking that it will be terrible. And you can see the appeal, blogging provides a platform on which you talk about the things you are passionate about (which for me is health and gaming, weird combo maybe but oh well), or really, anything you want. If I wanted to write a post talking about my fascination of unicorns and what their horns are made of, I totally could.

And as someone who has a brain full of thoughts and ideas on a range of topics, having a platform where I can turn that all into words and share them with others who may or may not find them entertaining and/or helpful is both exciting and relieving. And honestly, having an extra pass time in my life which I enjoy can’t be a bad thing in theory.

2) To learn

I love learning new skills, and writing and learning how to convey my thoughts into actual words and sentences is something I struggle at, and at times stressful. More often than not, I go to say something to someone, and even having thought about it, it comes out as just a garbled mush of sounds, like when you try to speak with your mouth full of food. This is embarrassing, and happens way to often than I care to admit. And what better way to get better at conveying thoughts through words and sentences than practicing, again and again through post after post. You know what they say, practice makes perfect (or, well, as close to perfect as human error allows, we all mistakes sometimes).

Better yet, this also provides a platform to receive feedback from those who read these posts. Making mistakes and having them pointed out to you is one of the best ways to learn not to do something, and conversely, having people telling you what you are doing awesomely is one of the best ways to learn what to keep doing.

3) To share interesting ideas and news

Even though this is only my first post, I never know if one day down the line someone might be reading one of these posts from me, and think ‘Wow this guy is great, he really helped me through a difficult time’ or ‘Haha, this guy is actually kinda funny’ etc. So while I’m not expecting this blog to go places, it’s the idea that maybe one day this will provide value to someone else that was a key driver to me starting this venture.

And honestly it just makes sense, if I share something that helped me or that I found interesting, there is a chance that someone else out there might also find it interesting or helpful (and maybe an equal chance that someone will find it silly and dumb but that’s beside the point). And helping others and sharing are two of the of the awesomest things out there.

4) To be proactive

I recently read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (excellent choice after reading some novice bloggers’ first post if I do say so myself) and this was one of the habits discussed. Now basically what this means is that we are the masters of our own fate, which aside from being a really sick title, is another way of saying ‘you decide what you make of yourself’.

Now the way that this blog relates to that, is that I have always wanted to do this (namely for the previous three reasons) and this added fuel to a fire that was really just pitiful and lacked any kind of substance and that I was trying to build in the rain.

By starting this blog, and writing this post, I have already taken some of the first steps to being someone that influences and helps others, something I am very passionate about, and also to being ‘one of those guys that writes stuff on the internet’, so you know, basically everyone with an internet connection. Making steps like this puts me out of my comfort zone, and enables me to develop skills and confidence that I feel will help me achieve even greater things.

In a sense, being proactive is a stepping stone, a stone I’ll probably put in my pocket for safe keeping, because it’s a pretty cool stone what can I say.


That wraps this first post, please be sure to let me know if you enjoyed reading, and be sure to look out for more stuff by me in the future. And if you have come back to this post from a future post, then thank you for reading.

And of course thank you for reading this post now. Stay beautiful ­čÖé


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