Thoughts: Toxikk

So I’m going to start this off by answering a simple question you may or may not already know the answer to: What the hell is Toxikk?

In short, Toxikk is a first person, arena shooter game that takes its inspiration from the Unreal Tournament series. Having never played Unreal Tournament, this was my first real introduction to the arena shooter concept, and honestly, the first thought that ran through my head when I started playing this game went a little like this:


Jumping around the map at lightning fast speeds, while trying to shoot someone with a rocket launcher, while trying to avoid getting burnt to crisps by a flamethrower, was something that I hadn’t experienced until I played this game. And while I am aware that many games like this exist, by some catastrophe I have never actually played one. And when you let loose the rocket that collides directly with your opponent, blowing them up into an assortment of bodily chunks, the satisfaction is incredible.

The game plays very smoothly, and the graphics are crisp, making this feel like a game that was released this year. Better yet, you can play it for free. The free version comes with the multiplayer experience and solo games with bots if you want to practice. There is a paid version, but it is not very expensive, and comes with a campaign, all the multiplayer maps and vehicles, and a server browser. I have only played the free version, and hence cannot comment on the quality of the campaign.

The maps included feel well designed, and plenty of high engagement areas where you will regularly find enemies to kill, but also enough areas on the outside littered with health and armor drops so you can get a nice kill streak going. The weapons of the game also feel balanced, with all guns having their advantages and disadvantages, making them good for different situations. For example, the rocket launcher (my favorite) does high damage, but you need to track your opponent, comes with limited ammo, and comes with the potential to kill yourself if fired from too close.  In saying this, when you have those moments when all of your shots connect, and you destroy everything in your path, you feel like an absolute legend.

Maybe my only gripe about the game is the fact that there aren’t that many people playing it. It feels like going to a great party and getting free drinks, but you are the one there. Many of my attempts to find a game ended with me joining a bot fest, not ideal. And this is quite saddening, as the game is fun and free, two of the best features a game can have. So if you ever have an arena shooter sized hole in your life, I definitely recommend downloading it and giving it a go.


But these are just my thoughts on this game, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments, and stay beautiful.


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