Thoughts: Local Co-op

Oh local co-op, one of my favorite features a game can have, and yet sometimes I feel it is on the decline. Too many times I have thought to myself “This game would be awesome if I could play it with someone else on the same machine”, only to be left disappointed and playing alone.

For example, Borderlands 2, a game renowned for it’s co-operative play, and just an awesome game to play with friends. This game has no local co-op support on PC, and when I found out, my jaw dropped to the frigging floor. This is a game that has controller support, is almost built on co-operative play, and even has local co-op on consoles. I could not have been more gobsmacked. Sure there are ways around it, but the fact that it isn’t built in is almost insulting.

Offender number two, Halo 5. Going back many years, some of my earliest memories playing co-op with a friend was Halo 3, easily one of my all time favorite games, and some of my fondest memories gaming. So it comes as no surprise that when I learned that the most recent entry had no local co-op, it resonated with me quite a bit. Another example of game with co-op built in, just not on the same machine, and this time with a history.

Local co-op is one of those features that I look for in games I wanna buy. It has made for some of the best gaming experiences I have ever had, and continue to have today. Also, not all the people I play with have their own computers, and it can be more convenient when you have all the gears to do it. But most of all, not much can beat shouting at your partner in gaming as you share the same screen  in the same room.

Now I’m not saying every game should have local co-op. Indeed, many of the best games in history are single player only, so the last thing I want to say is that is that a lack of local co-op is bad. But in many cases it would be awesome.

I write this whole thing a few days after playing Rocket League with my younger brother, another example of a game which supports couch co-op and is an absolute blast. I love playing games with him, even if his gaming preferences vary from mine, when we find a game we both enjoy the experience is unforgettable.

This is why I think that more games should get a local co-op mode. Most of the time it has the power to transform a game from great to amazing, and with the right game and design, legendary. Look no further than Portal 2 for an example, it had an extraordinary single player campaign, and it’s co-op, both local and online, was nigh on perfect.

But these are just my thoughts, I would love to know what you think. Would you like to see more games support local (and online) co-op? Are you not such a big fan of local co-op? Let me know in the comments section. And until next time, stay beautiful and happy holidays 🙂


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