Thoughts: CES 2017

We aren’t even two weeks in and yet 2017 has already blown my mind with some of the new tech set to come out. CES 2017 has been going on the last couple of days and as I’m sure many of you have seen, news from the event has been pouring out all over the internet, revealing a slew of goodies on their way in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

Because I’m likely to forget about all the cool stuff I have seen, I thought I better give my thoughts on it right now while it’s all still fresh. Also, even though I’m primarily a PC gamer, I’ll try to my opinions on all the things that stood out to me, that may not necessarily be PC gaming related. But then again, that is why this is called thoughts.

First off, I have to talk about Razer’s Project Valerie. If you haven’t heard, it’s basically a Razer laptop, with three screens attached. Yes, three freaking screens. Let me start by saying it looks awesome in my opinion, the 4K screens all fit seamlessly, and plus, it comes packed with a GTX 1080 GPU. I love gaming on my laptop when I’m out and about, but this really ups the ante a bit, and really, working with three laptop screens just seems better than one. I’m almost thinking “Awwwwww, my laptop only has one screen”. All jokes aside, I could see myself getting something like this one day, but if only to replace my current laptop when that bites the dust. Also, because I’m walking around everywhere I go, having a light, portable laptop I can just whip out and do some work on is essential to me. Sadly that’s where Project Valerie flounders like a Magikarp for me, is the weight and portability. Also is the fact that this is only a project so far, there is no guarantee this will make it to markets. So, you know, fingers crossed.

Although that wasn’t the only think Razer came out with that sounded cool, there was also Project Ariana. This is essentially a projector, that projects the peripheral vision of the game you are playing beyond just the main display you are using, extending the field of view onto the walls around the display. You really need to see a picture to see what I mean. The main factor that makes me like it is the immersion factor, the idea of filling my field of view with the game, to perpetuate the idea that I’m actually in the game. It’s not really something I’ve thought about, but when I saw this, it got me thinking, I reckon we could do with this to enhance couch gaming, something that is already near perfect. However, once again, it is only a prototype, so there is no guarantee it will be released, and unlike Project Triple Screen, I can’t really see me getting it for myself. Bonus fact, it also functions as a normal projector, so two birds, one stone.

Next thing I wanna talk about was the Altwork station. This desk, chair, screen hybrid basically lets you work from a desk, while lying down. Well, really, it lets you work in a range of positions, whatever you want. To be honest I’m not even sure where to start on this one. It looks like something out of the future, and it looks like something I would use, maybe once the prices go down that is, as cool as it looks it ain’t worth the large price tag for me. I spend alot of my days sitting down, not necesarily at home, but regardless, I could see myself using this a lot for work if I did have one. Although the problem is it does look awfully comfortable to nap in, and I’m pretty sure with this we are only a few steps before we become like the people in WALL-E. Too far? Maybe. Bottom line is, I think it looks cool.

As for VR, the HTC Vive Tracker seems like a pretty cool jump forward. The idea is that it is an accessory that you can attach to an object, and that object will appear in the game you are playing. I don’t know how it works, and of course it doesn’t work with everything, but VR is still something I’m coming to grips with, let alone advancements in it. While VR isn’t something I’m investing in yet right now, I think it’s certainly a step in the right direction, and it reignites my excitement to see how it advances.

Finally is LiquidSky, a gaming streaming service similar to Nvidia Geforce Now. I’ll be honest when I say I was a bit of a noob when it came to streaming games and how it works, but wow does it seem awesome. Funnily enough the conferences like this just seem to remind me how behind I am with the times. While streaming between my PC and laptop via Steam has seen fairly limited use, I never thought of similar streaming being applied to a situation like this. Being able to play any number of games through an internet streaming service, on any device irrespective of it’s specs and stuff seems unreal to me. Please let me know if I have any of this wrong, because this is all pretty new to me. LiquidSky promises low latency and fast internet speed, something very important for a service like this, and I will be very interested to see how it turns out, especially as I love playing games on my laptop, this seems like it would make the whole process easier, and be less taxing on my laptop. So once again, fingers crossed.


Well that wraps up some of the things I liked from CES 2017, but these are just my thoughts, I would love to hear from you. What are some of things that you were interested in from CES 2017? Anything you were disappointed with? Let me know in the comments, and if you enjoyed reading this post, be sure to like it. Until next time, and next year for CES, stay beautiful 🙂


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